About us

Founded in 1997, Policedências - Temporary Work Co.,ltd, was the genesis of Policedências Group. The main target of this company was to provide manpower on temporary employment basis of skilled workers, mainly welders, pipe locksmiths and fitters and metal structures fitters.

A decade after the establishment of the Temporary Work Company, and as a result of the knowledge and implementation in national and international market, it was considered strategic to provide mechanical locksmiths services either as a subcontractor or on a temporary basis.
So in order to respond to the market needs in this área, in 2007, Policedências Contractors- Construction and Subcontracting Metalworking, S.A., was created.

That same year, our Lisbon delegation opened, and together with Porto delegation, allowed us to provide outsourcing solutions for recruitment and selection in the area of freight forwarders.

In 2008, Policedências Brasil – Manpower Outsourcing, S.A., was created in the area of shipbuilding and repair.
Considering the defined strategy of sustained growth for Policedências Group, it made perfect sense to extend the activity to the area of manufacture and assembly of metal structures. So, in 2009, Policedências Trialtube – Pipe Construction and Assembly S.A., was founded.

In 2013 was founded in Vigo, Policedencias España, S.L., oriented to the outsourcing in the area of metalomechanics, in order to respond to the needs of the local market.

In 2014,Montinorte, a well known company in the market of industrial maintenance for more than 30 years, was incorporated in Policedências Group.

In 2018, Policedências assumes the concession of Huelva Shipyard.

Our Office
  • Strategy

    Policedências strategy seeks to be competitive in the national and international market.
    For that purpose we make all efforts in order to develop our work with high quality indexes that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • Mission

    The mission of Policedências is to respond in a timely manner to the needs of its clients.

  • Values

    For Policedências the values are the people, the clients and the relationship.

    People are the key to corporate success so recognizing the individual skills of all our professionals is na importante part of our line of action.

    We recognize in our clients, the foundation stone on which our organization is based and sustainable.
    We make all efforts to correspond with honesty and professionalism, providing a service in which we value ethics in our relations.

  • Policy

    The success of Policedências is the result of an adaptive and self-sustaining process of the company to the changes in the environment, in order to guarantee competitiveness and customer satisfaction, preserving the binomial quality and safety.